Flavoured Oxygen in a Can

Slim, discreet and stylish, Oxy Charge is a go-to portable oxygen solution in a can, for people with active and healthy lifestyles. Available in natural aromatic flavors, Oxy Charge is a revolutionary way to get a quick energy boost and counter the effects of polluted air.

Portable Recreational Oxygen

Available in Refreshing Flavours

Recharge and Recover with Oxycharge

Human beings need oxygen to survive on earth. It is even more important to maintain the level of oxygen in the bloodstream of the human body. An adequate level of oxygen is needed to function at the optimum level. Therefore oxygen is not just a requirement to survive only but also for consistent living.

Portable Canned Oxygen for Energy by Oxycharge is essential for daily needs. The level of energy is determined by the level of oxygen in the bloodstream. Energy is required by the body to accelerate our activities and assignments. When the level of oxygen in the bloodstream is low, our energy level becomes low too. It is in this scenario that we need oxygen supplement to increase the oxygen level in the bloodstream and eventually increase the energy level. One scientific study claims that every cell in the human body needs oxygen for best performance and cells in the body are destined to death if there is the absence of oxygen for a length of three minutes.


Oxy Charge provides Pure Natural Oxygen at nearly four times the concentration found in unpolluted air.

Just Whirl & Flick

Getting Oxycharged is easy

Pure Oxygen Energy

Make Oxycharge your health partner

Oxy Charge is a perfect companion when you Travel, Hike, Study, Party, Exercise or Play and a revolutionary way to get a quick energy boost anywhere any time.
flavoured oxygen after workout
Fitness & Sports
  • Increases Stamina, Endurance and Control
  • Prevents Lactic Acid Buildup
  • Reduces Muscle Cramping and Fatigue
flavoured oxygen after office
Work & Parties
  • Increases Alertness, Memory and Judgement
  • Enhances Alcohol Break-down
  • Diminishes effects of Hang-over
flavoured oxygen for long trip
Trekking & Pilgrimage
  • No # 1 Therapy for Altitude Sickness
  • Reduces Shortness of Breath,
    Head-ache and Motion Sickness
canned oxygen for trip
Pollution & Travel
  • Clears-off CO / CO2 / NOx from blood
  • Reduces effects of Jet Lag & Insomnia
  • Instantly Increases Blood O2 conc.

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