Why Oxy Charge?

Oxy Charge is a natural, healthy and safe way to increase fitness for individuals travelling to high altitudes, professional and amateur athletes, senior citizens, and gym enthusiasts.

We breathe oxygen every single moment. It is essential to survive on Earth. What about flavoured oxygen? Yes, Oxycharge offers flavoured oxygen.

Oxygen is one very important element in our life. Without oxygen, everybody is a dead man. It is essential to accelerate live as well as to continue producing energy and stamina, which is essential for men to perform various activities. Oxycharge offers oxygen in the stylish lightweight canister. It helps in restoring the level of oxygen in the blood. Our body needs oxygen to perform various functions of the organs. When there is simultaneous use of oxygen, the level of oxygen in the bloodstream become low and depleted. This gives way to certain consequences such as cardiac arrest in case of people with weaker heart and lung, low level of energy and stamina which disable an individual to perform her/his activity productively.

In order to make sure that there is enough supply of oxygen in the blood stream, Oxycharge offers small portable oxygen bottles. It helps in restoring the oxygen level in the bloodstream. This, in turn, helps the body in producing enough energy and stamina to perform certain important activities. It is helpful for individuals who are sports enthusiasts who need lots of energy for their elite sports activities. It provides extra oxygen to recover quickly and allowing to train and then exercise again. For people in oxygen therapy, it helps in decreasing shortness of breath and fatigue.



Intense exercise requires more oxygen, which renders the cells, generating energy and aiding muscle recovery. Sports people like elite athletes and professional soccer players have been using supplemental oxygen to restore depleted blood-oxygen levels and recover from muscle fatigue. Anaerobic exercise and workouts that produce high levels of lactic acid are the most responsive to supplemental oxygen.



Enhances mental and physical fitness. The additional oxygen for the body helps muscles to recover more quickly after a vigorous workout. Increased improvement in stamina and endurance. Oxy Charge gives the ability to supplement your body with enriched oxygen, improving cognitive performance – including memory and reaction time. Breathing oxygen can also help you stay focused and alert when you’re feeling stressed, overworked, or recovering from travel, or a late night.

canned oxygen for sports


Energizing oxygen helps to elevate and recover in a healthy and safe manner when at a higher altitude. During trekking, pilgrimage, hiking or biking at a higher elevation, breathing Oxy Charge in the start, in between and at the end of the day instantly helps offset the negative effects of high elevation. Even outdoor and sports enthusiasts use the compatible Oxy Charge to boost and maximize their mountaintop experience.



Most of the cities in India have high levels of pollution and low air quality. Oxy Charge helps counteract pollution during spells of high ozone levels and humidity. It also eases poorly ventilated conference rooms, classrooms and air conditioned offices. Moreover increases an individual's mental fitness, energizes the body and improves concentration.



Enhances the desired requirement of concentration, alertness and mental clarity during work time. Oxy Charge will take away the afternoon fatigue and keep you being sharp all day. It is a healthy, safe, caffeine-free energy booster and recovery tool that helps keep the mental stress at bay. And it also decreases the body's exposure to stale odor or polluted air. Usually three to five breaths of Oxy Charge does the trick and keep your energized through out the day.


After party

Inhaling proper amount of Oxy Charge can keep you energized even after a party. It helps you stay alert, focused, and ready for next morning. All of this energy is revived with an all natural alternative to caffeine. It assists in recovering from a post-party fog and boost energy levels. Every individual can have immediate access to oxygen during the party, before sleep, and for the next morning.

oxygen can after party

Jet lag

Oxy Charge assists in battling the negative effects of travel, jet lag and exhausting travel by renewing your body's oxygen levels in a harmless and natural way to normal healthy levels. It alleviates the effect of travel fatigue and stress; and revives you to stay alert and regain mental focus. Individuals using Oxy Charge have their depleted oxygen levels restored after a plane ride, making them feel energized.



Personal and business travelers often feel tired and physically weak after coping with the increasing security measures, flight delays, bad food, layovers and sometimes excess consumption of alcohol or caffeine products. A few inhalations of Oxy Charge can immediately restore the balance and assist to prepare for a day of work or perhaps an essential business meeting.

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