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Beat jet lag with Oxygen

Travelling is fun and everyone hopes to have one. The geography of Earth is divided into 24 time zones. Time changes by one hour every 150 degrees of travel east or west of the Greenwich meridian. The human body is designed to be active during the day and catch some rest during the night. When you travel across Earth’s time zones, the natural rhythm is disturbed, leading to extreme tiredness also known as Jet lag.

Prolonged travel in airplanes robs the individual of their usual intake of oxygen. There are also several airborne contaminants in the airplane and the body uses the oxygen reserves to clean out these toxins.  Eventually, this led to the depletion of oxygen level in the bloodstream leading to Jet lag. This is even more deadly for people with respiratory ailments. Pure medical oxygen can for breathing disorders helps supply the extra oxygen needed by the body. Each inhalation helps in restoring the level of oxygen in the body. Oxycharge offers natural and pure oxygen. Travellers with weaker heart and respiratory ailments depend on the extra supply of oxygen to maintain the oxygen level in the body. Oxycharge medical oxygen can are designed specifically for such patients. It is very easy to carry along.

Oxycharge offers oxygen can for Emphysema, which is often considered as the best treatment for individuals with respiratory disorders. Emphysema is a respiratory disorder with the irreversible condition and no known cure. Individuals with this respiratory disorder are advised to go through oxygen therapy. The oxygen supply aims to alleviate the symptoms and hold it from spreading. Oxycharge oxygen can for emphysema helps in meeting the adequate supply needed by the patient.

Travelling requires proper planning. It is fun but comes at some expense. It is even more so difficult for individuals with breathing disorders. Oxycharge, a number one pure and natural oxygen provider makes sure that these patients also have their share of fun and happiness traveling can offer. Keeping this in mind the oxygen comes in a light weight cylinder of canister.